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Mitutoyo Telecentric Lenses

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Mitutoyo Telecentric Objectives are ideal for high-resolution, high power machine vision measurement and optical gauging systems. With powers up to 10X, these objectives can be used for semiconductor production and inspection, and in metrology, quality assurance, and R&D laboratories. They are easily integrated into C-Mount imaging systems with our Mitutoyo C-Mount Camera Tube #56-992. Mitutoyo Telecentric Objectives offer long working distances to allow for integration into machine vision measurement systems. Their compact design and long parfocal length simplifies mounting. accessories
Using Telecentric Lenses


Selected Part number Description MSRP Qty
56987 Mitutoyo Telecentric Objective 10X, Extension tube required (56992) $1175
56984 Mitutoyo Telecentric Objective 1X, Extension tube required (56992) $1995
56985 Mitutoyo Telecentric Objective 3X, Extension tube required (56992) $1115
56986 Mitutoyo Telecentric Objective 5X, Extension tube required (56992) $960


Mitutoyo to C-Mount 152.5mm extension tube


*Requires Extension Tube (56992)
*24mm Max Sensor Size

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