Standard Lighting and Specialized Lighting for use with the NI-1742 with Internal Lighting Controller

Select the Best Lighting for Your Application

Select from all different kinds of lighting. From backlights, to spotlights, to COAL's and DOAL's

Standard Lighting

At Graftek, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the correct light source in order to acquire the best image for your application, and that while there are many options to choose from, there is often only one solution for a lighting problem. Our mission is to make your challenges our challenges by providing complete service and support of tested and proven LED lighting.
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Lighting for use with the NI-1742, NI-1744, NI-1762, and NI-1764 with Internal Lighting Controller

The NI 1742, 1744, 1762, and 1764 also feature quadrature encoder support and a direct drive lighting controller that can drive current controlled lights up to 500 mA continuous or 1 A strobed.
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