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Fujinon Motorized Zoom Lenses

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Zoom lenses are predominantly used in conjunction with pan & tilt units where large areas need to be observed that contain many points of reference and views. Usually controlled by an operator allows them to zoom in and out to view the target area easily and efficiently. Fujinon's zoom lenses are produced with high quality components. With a focal length between 1.0 and 560 they provide best pictures in all lighting conditions. Motorized Zoom Lenses provide remote control of focal length, iris and focus through the use a a lens controller, for use where variable focal length and remote control are required. Applications include long distance surveillance in parking lots, highways, etc. accessories
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Selected Part number Description MSRP Qty
C22X17A-M41 17-374mm f2.3, 22X, 3 motors with preset, 1in. format $4200
H22x11.5A-M41 11.5-253mm f1.6, 22X, 3 motors with preset, 2/3in. format $5500


RS-232 Lens Controller, includes wiring for specified lens


*Lenses and controllers purchased together include 6' cable

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