Machine Vision Components

From the industry's best components to turnkey systems

Graftek offers a superior selection of imaging components that have been tested for mutual compatibility, bundles for rapid deployment of solution, complete systems, software for application development and turnkey software products.

Cameras Optics Framegrabbers Lighting
Imaging hardware with unmatched value
Graftek's partnership with the industry's leading manufacturers of cameras, optics, lighting and framegrabbers allows you to choose from an extensive array of products.
Graftek offers a selection of fixed focal length and zoom lenses that are compatible with various machine vision sensor formats and camera mounts. Use our Lens Selector to find the right lens for your application or browse this section to learn more.
Graftek's line of image acquisition products are designed to meet your specific requirements for tasks ranging from high resolution imaging to automated inspections.
Lighting is Everything
Select from all different kinds of lighting. From backlights, to spotlights, to COAL's and DOAL's.
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