NI Compact Vision System

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The new National Instruments CVS-145x Compact Vision System extends the power of LabVIEW Real-Time to a new rugged machine vision package.  The NI CVS-145x system offers great I/O capabilities and network connectivity for distributed machine vision applications. Also, you can connect up to three cameras to one CVS-145x to reduce the price of your system. You can also integrate a Compact Vision System -145x with NI Compact FieldPoint. To program a Compact Vision System -145x, you have the choice of configuring your machine vision application quickly with Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, or programming your application with LabVIEW and the Vision Development Module. Brochure
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778986-01 NI CVS 1456, Compact Vision System $4199

778736-01 NI CVS 1455, Compact Vision System (*Discontinued, replaced by CVS 1456) $3995
778638-01 NI CVS 1454, Compact Vision System $3499
778794-01 NI 1450 Power Supply, 24v, 50w $109
779166-01 NI 1450 I/O Terminal Block and Prototyping Accessory, includes Type SH4437, right angle connectors $529
778790-01 NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Horizonal Mount and Cable $219
778791-01 NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Vertical Mount and Cable $279
189154-01 Compact Vision System Panel and Din Rail Mount Kit $119
190264-01 NI 1450 Basler Trigger Cable Assy $95
763422-01 SMB 111 coaxial cable, SMB plug to BNC plug, 75 ohm, 1 m $69

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