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Sony - XCD-SX90CR

Sony's new line up of 1394.b cameras, with a number of resolutions and frame rates to choose from, has made selecting the right camera for machine vision applications easy. The new XCD-SX90CR camera incorporates a UNIQUE 1/3 type Progressive Scan CCD and achieves up to 30 fps at SXGA resolution. By utilizing the IEEE 1394.b interface that supports the IIDC protocol, users can transfer images to a host PC at speeds of up to 800 Mb/s. Moreover, because multiple cameras can be connected in a daisy-chain configuration, users can enjoy the benefits of simplified operation in a multi-camera system. The XCD-SX90CR is ideal for industrial machine-vision applications such as object recognition, inspection, measurement, alignment and more brochure

Compatible Framegrabbers Compatible

Part number Description MSRP Qty
XCD-SX90CR XCD-SX90CR, 1/3in., C-Mount, 1280 x 960, 30fps, Raw Bayer color, CCD, 1394b $1583
XC-1394BA02 2 meter 1394b to 1394a Cable $43
XC-1394BA04 4.5 meter 1394b to 1394a Cable $62
XC-1394BB02 2 meter 1394b to 1394b cable $43
XC-1394BB04 4.5 meter 1394b to 1394b cable $62
XC-1394DC02 2 meter 1394b Daisy Chain Cable $43
XC-1394DC04 4.5 meter 1394b Daisy Chain Cable $62
Firewire Interfaces
778413-35 NI Vision Acquisition Software $423
GTK-1234 Firewire Interface 1394b, 3-Ports, 32-bit PCI, Full Height, OHCI $69
GTK-1232 Firewire Interface 1394b, 3-Ports (1 Internal), PCI Express x1, OHCI $69
FA-PCMCB-AB PCMCIA Cardbus card, 1394a/b combo, includes 12V 1.25A power supply $180
*use C-mount lenses 1/3" or greater format

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