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Sony XC-ST30CE

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Sony - XC-ST30CE

The XC-ST series incorporates the latest CCD and signal processing technologies into a compact black and white camera module. A new external trigger design allows the electronic shutter speed to be freely specified by the width of an external trigger pulse or by a switch setting on the rear panel of the camera. These cameras are also user-friendly, with all switch settings located on the rear panel. brochure

Compatible Framegrabbers Compatible

Part number Description MSRP Qty
XC-ST30CE XC-ST30CE, 1/3in., C-Mount, 752 x 582, 25fps, monochrome, CCD, Analog $583
VCTST70I Tripod Mount for XCL-U1000 and U1000C $34
GTK-12PIN-115VAC 115VAC power supply with 12-pin connector $60
DC700 Power Supply/Camera Adaptor (XC Series cameras), use CCXC to connect to XC camera to DC-700 and 355XX series BNC cable to connect DC700's video output to frame grabber $315
CCXC12P02N 2m Camera Cable (XC Series) $142
CCXC12P05N 5 Meter Camera Cable (XC Series) $194
CCXC12P10N 10 Meter Camera Cable (XC Series) $280
CCXC12P25N 25 Meter Camera Cable (XC Series) $450
35524 BNC Video Cable, 3m $50
35525 BNC Video Cable, 5m $50
35526 BNC Video Cable, 10m $75
35527 BNC Video Cable, 15m $100
779209-01 IMAQ PCI-1410 and NI-IMAQ $1599
778336-01 **Discontinued IMAQ PXI-1409 Four Channel (Serial), monochrome (8/10-bit) framegrabber, includes NI-IMAQ and 2m BNC cable $1599
187805-01 IMAQ-A6804, Vision Products Cable, 1m $225
188633-04 Cable Assy, IMAQ A8014 Cbl for connection to Sony and JAI Camera $438
778838-01 **Discontinued PCI 1405 Single Channel Color/monochrome framegrabber, includes NI-IMAQ and 2m BNC cable $849
*use C-mount lenses, 1/3" format or greater

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