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Sony XC-HR70

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Sony - XC-HR70

When a camera with high resolution and speed is essential to your application, turn to Sony's latest addition to its progressive scan line up, the XC-HR70, for the solution. The new XC-HR70 is a compact, lightweight, black and white video camera incorporating the latest 1/3 Type Interline Transfer (IT) Progressive Scan CCD with HAD technology. The XC-HR70 features a remarkable XGA resolution of 1034 (H) x 779 (V) pixels and incorporates a C-mount type lens mount. The XC-HR70 can capture high-resolution images at 29 f/s and is ideal for demanding applications such as semiconductor production and high speed assembly line inspection. brochure

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Part number Description MSRP Qty
XC-HR70 XC-HR70, 1/3in., C-Mount, 1024 x 768, 29fps, monochrome, CCD, Analog $945
XC-HR70-KIT Includes XC-HR70, VCT33I, PS-12SU power supply, CCXC12P05N, two 35524, and IMAQ-A6822 $1769
VCT333I Tripod Mount for XCL-V500 and X700 $30
CCXC12P02N 2m Camera Cable (XC Series) $142
CCXC12P05N 5 Meter Camera Cable (XC Series) $194
CCXC12P10N 10 Meter Camera Cable (XC Series) $280
CCXC12P25N 25 Meter Camera Cable (XC Series) $450
35524 BNC Video Cable, 3m $50
35525 BNC Video Cable, 5m $50
35526 BNC Video Cable, 10m $75
35527 BNC Video Cable, 15m $100
778135-01 IMAQ-A6822, 22 BNC Connector Block with attached 1m cable $419
779209-01 IMAQ PCI-1410 and NI-IMAQ $1599
*use C-mount lenses, 1/3" format or greater

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