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Dalsa SG-14-02K80

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Dalsa - SG-14-02K80

The Spyder3 GigE surpasses its predecessor, the Spyder2, with 3x more responsivity. At its core is DALSA's latest line scan technology that achieves unprecedented responsivity. The Spyder3 GigE is fully programmable, offering precise control over key performance variables such as gain and offset. A GUI is provided allowing you to begin imaging in minutes. For those OEMs migrating from the Spyder or Spyder2, the Spyder3 GigE does not require a new optics design because pixel size and fill factor remain unchanged at 14 micron and 100% respectively. Also, with a GigE interface, you no longer need a frame grabber which means significant system cost savings. In addition to its high performance and affordability, Spyder3 GigE also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction and CDS (Correlated Double Sampling). brochure

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Part number Description MSRP Qty
SG-14-02K80 2048 x 2, 2K, GigE, 36kHz, 8 or 12 bit, GenICam Compliant $3079
2000030284 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 5m, SSTP (Shielded) $9
2000030285 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 10m, SSTP (Shielded) $16
AS-PS-0400 Power Supply AS-PS-0400 For use with Dalsa Cameras, replaces AC-PS-0400 $195
AC-UN-00002-00-R M42 to F-mount adapter $145
AC-UC-00002-00-R M42 to C-mount adapter $73
AC-MS-0104-00-R Heat Sink $73
AC-SU-00113-00-R Tripod mount for Spyder 3 GigE $40
50027 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Card, Intel Pro 1000 GT Desktop (replaces part# 2000023203) $90
779813-01 NI PCIe-8231, Gigabit Ethernet Board and NI Vision Acquisition SW $556

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