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The National Instruments PXI-1422 Series boards are designed to acquire images from a wide range of digital cameras. The NI PXI-1422 Series performs high-speed, large-image, high-resolution digital image capture, and can capture up to 16 bits of data at a clock speed of 40 MHz for a total acquisition rate of 80 Mbytes/s. Onboard memory (16 MB) gives you the flexibility to buffer images on the board for large-image capture and sustained real-time throughput. There are two versions of the board -- one compatible with RS-422 signals and one compatible with LVDS camera signals. brochure


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** Discontinued PXI-1422, LVDS Digital Camera Image Acquisition Board




**Discontinued 186690-02 Basler, Digital Camera Cable, 2 m



**Discontinued 184741-02 Cohu, 4110, Digital Camera Cable, 2 m



**Discontinued 185431-02 Cohu, DSPE-2000 and DSPX-2000, Digital Camera Cable, 2 m



12-0032-01 DVC-XXXX-NI-PCI-142X 10' LVDS interface cable



185788-02 Dalsa, CT-P1, Digital Camera Cable, 2 m



**Discontinued 186645-02 Dalsa, CA-D6 Series, Digital Camera Cable, 2 m



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