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Pixelink PL-B782F-KIT

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Pixelink - PL-B782F-KIT

The PL-B782F is a high-resolution, 6.6 megapixel (2208 x 3000) color camera designed specifically for industrial inspection applications. Fully IIDC 1.3 (DCAM) compliant, the PL-B782F uses a standard FireWire interface for plug-and-play operation with the host computer. The high resolution allows the camera to be used to resolve small features while maintaining a large field of view. Region of interest controls and multiple decimation modes make the PL-B782F a flexible choice. brochure

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Part number Description MSRP Qty
PL-B782F-KIT PL-B782F-KIT, 1in., C-Mount, 3000 x 2208, 5fps, color, CMOS (rolling shutter), 1394a $2995
PL-1/4-20 PL-A740/780 1/4-20 Mount $45
50016 Cable, IEEE-1394, 6 pin to 6 pin, 4.5m (replaces part# 2000000115) $49
Firewire Interfaces
PL-SW-SDK Software Development Kit For Pixelink Cameras. Compatible With WINDOWS 2000/XP C, C++, VB AND LabVIEW. Supports Version 4 And Version 3 Cameras. Advanced Technical Support Included. $600
FA-PCI-A PCI Firewire Card, 1394a, 2-Ports, Low-Profile Bracket Included $75
GTK-PCMCIA-IEEE-1394 PCMCIA 2-port firewire card, includes 12VDC power supply $145
*use C-mount lenses 1"or greater format

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