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IMI Tech - IMC-15FT

IMI Tech's new PEARL Series opens up a new horizon in digital image processing; by providing more features in a very small form factor while still maintaining excellent cost effectiveness and high quality. The Pearl Series models are comprised of a wide range of resolutions and are equipped with a FireWireTM interface and a trigger to suit the needs of every application. The Pearl Series offers the highest frame rate in each of its resolutions compared with other products currently available. The very small form factor design has expanded implementation and broaden application areas by eliminating the limits that currently exist due to size and weight. A large selection of cameras is available in the PEARL SERIES which consist of sensors sizes(1/3in., 1/2in., 1/1.8in.) and resolution(VGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA) both in color and black and white. brochure

Compatible Framegrabbers Compatible

Part number Description MSRP Qty
IMC-15FT IMC-15FT, 1/3in., C-Mount, 1024 x 768, 30fps, color, CCD, 1394a $1096
IMP-3 Tripod mount for Pearl series cameras $10
IFC-05SL FireWire Cable 6-6 5m Screw Lock Type $60
ITC-3 Trigger cable for Pearl cameras $10
Firewire Interfaces
778413-35 NI Vision Acquisition Software $423
FA-PCI-A PCI Firewire Card, 1394a, 2-Ports, Low-Profile Bracket Included $75
GTK-PCMCIA-IEEE-1394 PCMCIA 2-port firewire card, includes 12VDC power supply $145
779024-01 NI PCI-8252, IEEE-1394 Interface Board & NI-IMAQ for 1394 Cameras, includes 3-Port, PCI firewire card and NI Vision Acquisition (NI-IMAQ for IEEE-1394) $556
778925-01 NI PXI-8252, IEEE-1394 Interface Board (without NI-IMAQ) $556
778926-01 NI PXI-8252, IEEE-1394 Interface Board & NI-IMAQ For 1394 Cameras, includes 3-Port, PXI firewire card and NI-IMAQ for IEEE-1394 $763
779303-01 NI PCI-8254R Reconfiguration I/O and IEEE 1394 Interface Board, includes NI-IMAQ for IEEE-1394 $995
*use C-mount lenses 1/3" or greater format

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