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AVT - GE1910C

The GE1910 incorporates an advanced set of rich camera features including snapshot/global shutter, pixel binning, area of interest readout, external trigger and sync I/O, RS-232 peripheral port, exposure, gain and offset controls, non-volatile configuration memory, event recorder capability, pre-trigger recording, programmable strobe functions, multicasting, configurable IP addresses, autoexposure and autowhite balance controls. brochure

Compatible Framegrabbers Compatible

Part number Description MSRP Qty
GE1910C GE1910C, 2/3in., C-Mount, 1920 x 1080, 30fps, color, CCD, GigE Vision $3960
02-5000A Mounting Plate, Tripod, 1/4-20 $35
02-6040A Cable, Gigabit Ethernet, Cat5e, 3 meters (10 ft.) $25
02-6032A Cable, Trigger & I/O, Hirose 12-pin, GE-Series, 3 m. (10 ft), Open ended $130
02-6003A Cable, Trigger, SMB-to-SMB, 3 ft. $60
02-6004A Cable, Trigger, SMB-to-SMB, 2 meters (6 ft.) $70
02-6007A Cable, Trigger, SMB-to-SMB, 3 meters (10 ft.) $85
02-6008A Cable, Trigger, SMB-to-SMB, 10 meters (33 ft.) $90
02-6014A Cable, Trigger, BNC-to-SMB, 2 meters (6 ft.) $85
02-7000A Connector, Hirose, 12-pin, GE-Series (no cable) $42
02-3002A PCI Card, GigE, Intel Pro1000/GT $80
779813-01 NI PCIe-8231, Gigabit Ethernet Board and NI Vision Acquisition SW $556
*use C-mount lenses 2/3" or greater format

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