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Hamamatsu C9100-02

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Hamamatsu - C9100-02

The C9100 series gather all expected features: high gain, high signal to noise ratio, resolution and speed, thanks to new generation back-thinned EM-CCD sensor in a proprietaly permanently sealed vacuum chamber evacuated to 10 -8 Torr. With on-chip multiplication technology of the EM-CCD sensor the signal is drastically boosted while readout noise value is kept less than 1 electron r.m.s. at high gain mode. The gain factor of the C9100-12 is up to 2000 and this camera is able to grab 35 frames per second keeping 14 bit dynamic range and full resolution. brochure

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Part number Description MSRP Qty
C9100-02 Back-Thinned Electron Multiplier CCD Camera 2000X, Frame transfer CCD, 1000 x 1000, 14-bits, Peltier, forced air cooling plus hermetic sealing, -50C, 27.1ms to 10 sec integration Please Call
50010 Cable, Camera link, 3m (replaces part# 2000000147) $125
50011 Cable, Camera link, 5m (replaces part# 2000000120)$155
50013 Cable, Camera link, 7m (replaces part# 2000000127)$195
779210-01 NI PCI-1426 with NI-IMAQ$995
779706-01 NI PCIe-1427, Base Configuration Camera Link Image Acquisition $995
190912-04 Kit, Cable Assembly, DB15M-Pigtail, 4 Meters$32
778315-01 PCI-1428, Image Acquisition H/W for Camera Link Digital Cameras $1535
778775-01 PXI-1428, Image Acquisition H/W for Camera Link Digital Cameras$1702
187804-01 IMAQ-D6804, Camera Link Digital Trigger Cable, 1m$198
781169-01 NI PCIe-1433, Full Configuration Camera Link Image Acquisition$2070
781699-01 NI PXIe-1435 Camera Link Frame Grabber(Base/Medium/Full/Extended) $2070
780869-01 NI Camera Link I/O Extension Board (PCIe)$330
779352-01 NI Camera Link I/O Extension Board (PCI) $344
778790-01 NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Horizonal Mount and Cable $249
778791-01 NI 1450, I/O Terminal Block, Vertical Mount and Cable $323
*use C-mount lenses 2/3" or greater format

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