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Hamamatsu C4742-98-26KAG

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Hamamatsu - C4742-98-26KAG

The ORCAII -BT-1024G features the well known E2V CCD47-10 chip packaged in a proprietary permanently sealed vacuum chamber evacuated to 10 -7 Torr. This very high resolution. back thinned. back illuminated. million pixel CCD offers very high quantum efficiency over the spectrum from 200 nm to 1000 nm. With a large full well capacity. low read noise and MPP (Multi-Pinned Phase) technology in the drive circuits to reduce dark current. brochure

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Part number Description MSRP Qty
C4742-98-26KAG ORCA II BT, 1in. format, 1024x1024, 3 fps (0.28fps high precision), 16-bit, monochrome, air cooled -55 deg, back-thinned CCD Please Call
778413-35 NI Vision Acquisition Software $423
A5194 UV Filter (260nm to 410nm for A4869) $700
A5194-01 UV Filter (260nm to 380nm for A4869) $700
A4869 Hamamatsu UV Lens, 50mm f/3.5 $5250
*use C-mount lenses 1" or greater format
*includes 4.5m IEEE-1394, 6 pin to 6 pin
*includes trigger connector assembly
*integral 1/4-20" mounting hole
*includes 2-port, PCI firewire card

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