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JAI - BB-141GE

The BB-141GE (color) is a 1.4 megapixel CCD camera suitable for a variety of machine vision applications, but is particularly well suited for outdoor applications, which are characterized by wide ranging and continuously changing lighting conditions. With megapixel resolution, outstanding image quality, and a high level of automated operation, the BB-141GE provides a combination of high performance features well beyond that available from typical small format traffic and security cameras - both interlaced and progressive. Excellent sensitivity and spectral response The BB-141GE is designed around Sony's popular ICX285 2/3" progressive scan CCD (1392 x 1040 pixels) providing excellent sensitivity and spectral response. This sensor uses its 6.45 μm pixel size and improved microlens technology to provide higher overall sensitivity (as low as 0.03 lux) with low smear characteristics. It also features extended spectral response in the near-IR region offering roughly 4X the sensitivity of conventional sensors at a 945 nm wavelength. brochure
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Part number Description MSRP Qty
BB-141GE BB-141GE, 2/3in., C-Mount, 1392 x 1040, 30fps, color, CCD, GigE Vision $2545
31014790 MP41 1/4-20 mounting plate, universal (except TM/RM-series) $30
31012656 PD12-UUP, 100-240V AC 47-63 Hz/12V DC 1.2A, US/JP plug, PC-12P $110
9308012 PC-12P 12-pin HIROSE mating connector $65
31013222 12P-02S, 2 meter power and I/O cable $85
2000030284 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 5m, SSTP (Shielded) $9
2000030285 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 10m, SSTP (Shielded) $16
2000030286 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 20m, SSTP (Shielded) $23
2000030287 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 30m, SSTP (Shielded) $32
2000030288 Gigabit Ethernet Cable, CAT6, 50m, SSTP (Shielded) $114
2000027038 Cable GigE, CAT6, screwlock, horizontal os, hf, dragchain and robotic qualified, 5m $70
2000028341 Cable GigE, CAT6, screwlock, horizontal os, hf, dragchain and robotic qualified, 10m $114
778413-35 NI Vision Acquisition Software $423
50027 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Card, Intel Pro 1000 GT Desktop (replaces part# 2000023203) $90
02-3003B AVT Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (PCIe x1) Board, Intel Pro 1000 CT, 1-Port $80
02-3005A AVT Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (PCIe x4) Board, Intel Pro 1000 PT, Dual Port $260
779813-01 NI PCIe-8231, Gigabit Ethernet Board and NI Vision Acquisition SW $556
GE1000LA-E34 Sonnet Presto Gigabit Ethernet Pro ExpressCard/34 $109

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